In Mixed Company: Communicating in Small Groups

In Mixed Company: Communicating in Small Groups by J. Dan Rothwell

Book Description – In Mixed Company: Communicating in Small Groups

Product Details Paperback: 528 pages
Publisher: Cengage Learning; 9 edition (January 1, 2015) Language: English
ISBN-10: 1285444604
ISBN-13: 978-1285444604
Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 7.5 x 9.2 inches


“One of the most notable successes of this text, it is engaging and not stuffy, it is personable and not patronizing, it is conceptually sophisticated while not being obtuse or pedantic.”

“IN MIXED COMPANY helps my students to learn and apply group communication theory by including: 1. Interesting, personal, and engaging writing style with a wide variety of vivid, memorable examples 2. Accessible/well-explained theoretical ideas 3. Logical, clear organization with useful chapter/section titles, boldface, highlighting, and italics. In sum, you have done a terrific job with many aspects of this text: The inclusion of current examples keeps the readings fresh. Issues of gender and ethnicity brought up throughout make the text more widely applicable to all student perspectives. Information on technology, digital devices and resources is vital to our students’ daily lives. The text quizzes are useful to students and reinforce their learning. Transcripts used throughout are very enlightening. Using a lot of color, changes in text presentation, tables/charts/illustrations, stories, case studies, photos/video/media references keep the readers involved and focused on the communication topics. Your personal narrative voice makes this text unique and captures our attention in a way that few other textbooks do.”

About the Author

J. Dan Rothwell is chair of the Communication Studies Department at Cabrillo College and the author of four additional books: IN THE COMPANY OF OTHERS: AN INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNICATION, TELLING IT LIKE IT ISN’T: LANGUAGE MISUSE AND MALPRACTICE, INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION: INFLUENCES AND ALTERNATIVES with James Costigan, and PRACTICALLY SPEAKING. During his extensive teaching career, Dr. Rothwell has received almost two dozen teaching awards, including the 2010 Ernest L. Boyer International Award for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology conferred by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, Florida State College, and the National Council of Instructional Administrators; the 2010 Cabrillo College “Innovative Teacher of the Year” award; the 2011 National Communication Association “Community College Educator of the Year” award; a 2012 official resolution by the California State Senate acknowledging his excellence in teaching; and the 2014 “Master Teacher” award from the Western States Communication Association. He has a B.A. in American History from the University of Portland (Oregon) as well as an M.A. in Rhetoric and Public Address and a Ph.D. in Communication Theory and Social Influence, both from the University of Oregon.

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